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TaiAn Patriot Exchange (Plan B)

Medical insurance for students studying abroad or participants of cultural exchange programs

TaiAn Patriot Exchange is TaiAn's custom version of IMG Patriot Exchange Program. There are several custom options on our plans including lower prices for people studying in the US, and annual deductibles on some plan options to reduce our customers out of pocket costs. TaiAn Patriot Exchange is designed for international students and scholars. There are insurance plans for Scholars and Students traveling to the US with a variety of US visa's (F1 visa, J1 visa, OPT, and M1 visa). Dependents are also eligible to purchase. Any non US citizen involved in education outside their country of citizenship is eligible to buy. You can purchase online at any time and you may select any future date to be your insurance policy's effective date. The plan comes with several deductible options, and benefit levels to meet a wide variety of needs. All J visa holders are required to meet the US Department of State (USDOS) J1 insurance requirements for the duration of their visa. TaiAn Patriot Exchange with at least $100,000 benefit per illness or injury and four deductible options meets this requirement.

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Summary of Benefits
Insurance Provider IMG (International Medical Group)
Medical Provider Network UnitedHealthcare Options network provides access to broadest top tier national network in the US. Convenient access to simplified claims processing and direct billing.
Plan Type Designed specifically for international scholars and students (F1,F2,J1,J2,OPT,M1,M2). Purchase monthly or daily, renewable up to 4 years if initial purchase is 1 month or more.
Maximum Benefit Unlimited lifetime maximum benefit. Options $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 or $500,000 per illness/injury
Deductible (Insured pays before insurance pays) Two options: 1) $100 per illness/injury; 2) Annual deductible ($0, $250 or $500) Annual deductible is Taian Exclusive!
Student Health Center Copay $5 copay, no deductible
Illness or Injury Coinsurance No coinsurance in PPO or out of PPO
Maternity Coinsurance N/A
Hospital Room & Board Average semi-private room
Intensive Care URC(Usual Reasonable and Customary)
Bedside Visit $1,500 benefit for bedside visitor while in intensive care. Not subject to deductible.
Mental Health and Substance Abuse N/A
Emergency Room URC for injury or illness resulting in hospitalization. Additional $250 deductible for illness without hospitalization
Prescription Drugs URC
Accident Dental Injury $500, Sudden pain $350
Accidental Death & Loss of Limb $25,000
Medical Evacuation $50,000
Repatriation of remains $25,000
Pre-existing conditions (Illness or Injury) After 12 months of continuous coverage
Group Pricing 5 or more primary insured have 10% discount. $5 fee per member per purchase or renewal
Benefit Details Benefit Details
Sample Contract Sample Insurance Contract
Cost Per Month (Non-US Citizen)

$100 Per-illness Deductible 0% Coinsurance

Age $100,000 Benefit $250,000 Benefit
< 25 $51.90 $52.80
25-49 $71.10 $76.20
50-64 $142.80 $164.40

$250 Annual Deductible 0% Coinsurance

Age $100,000 Benefit $250,000 Benefit
< 25 $50.10 $51.00
25-49 $67.20 $73.80
50-64 $138.00 $159.00

$0 Deductible 0% Coinsurance

Best Benefits

Age $100,000 Benefit $250,000 Benefit
< 25 $62.63 $63.75
25-49 $85.88 $92.25
50-64 $172.50 $198.75

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$50.10 Per Month
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Plan More on Taian Patriot Exchange
Plan Highlights
  • Taian Patriot Exchange Plan B with $100,000 limit per illness/injury is the most affordable plan that meets the US Dept of State standards for Exchange visitors (J visa) which are: At least $100,000 per illness, repatriation of remains of $25,000, Medical evacuation benefits of $50,000, and a deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.
  • J1/F1 visa holder and their J2/F2 dependents can buy TaiAn Plan B. If the J2/F2 dependents come to the US later, they can purchase Plan B alone for different dates.
  • You can select the day after you submit application or any later date as your insurance effective date. The insurance can only be effective after you arrive in the foreign country for your exchange program.
  • TaiAn Patriot Exchange allows members to use any medical provider and receive the same benefits.
  • Our members also have access to the UnitedHealthcare Options network which provides access to the broadest top tier national network in the US. If you use the UnitedHealthcare Options network providers, you will be eligible for simplified claims processing. For many claims, the provider will submit the claim, and no member claims forms will be required.
  • Group Plan available for groups of 5 or more unrelated individuals (non-family members). Must use one credit card to pay for the whole group. Use the credit card holder's name as the "Contact Name". Use the credit card holder's email as the group contact for the plan. "Sponsoring Organization" should reflect your common affiliation (examples: "your school name visiting scholars" or "CSC your school name Exchange").
  • Other available options include: travel protection for baggage and valuables, legal assistance, personal liability coverage, adventure sports coverage
  • Preventive care including well physical exams and vaccines are not covered. Plans covering wellness benefits typically cost $200-$300 or more per month. Ask us about inexpensive and sometimes free ways to receive these services.
  • To maximize your benefits under your plan hospital stays should be precertified if planned in advance. IMG should be notified promptly for emergency hospital stays.
  • If you want TaiAn Patriot Exchange (Plan B) and also want coverage for mental/nervous, substance abuse, and bedside visit, then IMG Patriot Exchange Program is the best choice. If your destination is outside the US you are eligible to purchase at a lower premium cost. Click here for more information about IMG Patriot Exchange Program.
$50,000 Benefit Level
  • The $50,000 benefit level does not meet J visa requirements. If you don't need to meet J visa requirements and want to purchase the $50,000 benefit level use these purchase links.
Buy Plan B with $50,000 maximum
Buy Group B with $50,000 maximum, For 5 primary insured or more
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