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IMG Global Medical Insurance - Silver Plan

International Medical Group (IMG) Global Medical Insurance Silver plan is our economical Global Medical Insurance Plan.

Global Medical insurance is long term medical insurance for people living outside of their country of citizenship. It is designed for non-US citizens to use worldwide, and for US citizens and permanent residents who spend more than six months of the year outside the United States to use worldwide.

The IMG Global Medical Silver plan provides coverage for inpatient medical expenses and outpatient medical expenses.

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Summary of Benefits
Insurance Provider International Medical Group
Plan Type Global Medical insurance is long term medical insurance for people living outside of their home country.
For all Non-US citizens, and for US citizens and permanent residents who spend more than six months of the year outside the United States.
You select the area of coverage and deductible level to meet your needs.
Maximum Benefit $5,000,000 per individual
Deductible (Insured pays before insurance pays) $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000
Family Deductible 3 times the individual
Coinsurance in US In-PPO (UnitedHealthcare PPO): Subject to deductible. No coinsurance
Non-PPO: You pay 20% of next $5000 expenses after deductible
Coinsurance with Concierge Deductible 50% waived (up to $2500). No coinsurance.
Coinsurance outside US Deductible 50% waived (up to $2500). No coinsurance.
Maternity Coinsurance N/A
Hospital Room & Board In U.S. average semi-private room rate. Outside of U.S. URC of private room rate (not exceed 150% semi-private). All subject to $600/day, 240 day max
Intensive Care $1,500/day, 180 day /event
Surgery Care URC
Doctor Visit 25 combined maximum visits
$70 per visit/examination for specialists/physician charges
$50 per visit/examination for chiropractor charges

$500 maximum benefit for surgery intervention consultation charges
Xray and Lab $300 maximum per visit for lab tests
$250 maximum per visit for diagnostic x-rays
Mental Health and Substance Abuse N/A
Ambulance $1500/event - not subject to deductible or coinsurance
Emergency Room URC for injury or illness resulting in hospital admission. Additional $250 deductible for illness without hospital admission in US
Prescription Drugs Subject to deductible and coinsurance. 90-day supply per prescription
Vision Optional Rider
Dental Optional Rider
Accident Dental $1,000/period
Child Wellness 3 visit/period, $70 max/period
Adult Wellness N/A
Healthy Travel Preventive $250 Benefit for vaccines prior to departing home country and up to 30 days prior to plan effective date.
Hospital Indemnity Outside of US only. Private Hospital: $400 per night/$4,000 max, Public Hospital: $500 per night/$5,000 max
Medical Evacuation $50,000 per period, not subject to deductible or coinsurance
Repatriation of remains $25,000 per insured, not subject to deductible or coinsurance
Pre-existing conditions (Illness or Injury) May have limited coverage after 24 months or be excluded at time of underwriting
More Information Optional riders: Global Term Life Insurance, Terrorism, Sports, Dental, Vision
Rates illustrated below are for annual premium, rates are higher for monthly payment
Freedom to seek treatment with hospital or doctor of your choice
To maximize your benefits under your plan hospital stays should be precertified if planned in advance. IMG should be notified promptly for emergency hospital stays
Benefit Details Benefit Details
Sample Rates
$250 Deductible, Worldwide Coverage
AgeMonthly Premium
Monthly Premium
Dependent Child - see notes below
14 days - 9 years$49$49
10 - 18 years$50$50

Dependent child/children rates are only available when one or two parents are covered. The rates are per child. Children alone (14 days to 18 years old) use the single female 19 year old rate.

Chinese citizens who also are residents of China are not eligible to buy. A child under 19 years old regardless of citizenship is not eligible to buy alone for a Chinese residence.

Premium rates are lower if you select coverage excluding the US, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore, and Taiwan
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