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Covid-19 Coverage - Included in all Student & Scholar plans, HCC Atlas Travel (WorldTrips) and Trawick travel plan
Review of IMG iTravelInsured Travel Insurance
By Shirley Z.
published at: 2020-09-14T01:01:00Z

Protect Travel Costs, Medical Expenses, and your belongings with Travel Insurance

Trip insurance protection is designed to protect you when your travel is cancelled, or interrupted, or when you become ill or have an accident while travelling.  Plans also have coverage for illness or injury during your travels (the plans shown here all cover COVID-19).  But travel insurance has big differences in benefits and the cost of coverage.  Compare plan benefits and pricing to find the right plan for your needs.

Who is eligible to buy iTravelInsured Travel Insurance?

Travel cancellation insurance is for US residents who have paid for travel expenses they want to insure.  The insurance is State based so benefits can differ by State of residence.  The travel can be domestic, international, or by cruise.  Air travel, hotel costs, rental car, cruise costs, and other prepaid expenses are all insurable.  People up to 99 years old are eligible to buy.

Benefits included in Travel Insurance

  • Trip Cancellation Coverage - If you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason the trip cancellation coverage will reimburse you for non-refundable pre-paid trip expenses including air travel, cruise travel, hotel costs and more.  
  • Trip Interruption Expenses - Provides reimbursement for expenses you incur if your trip is interrupted during your travels for covered reasons.  
  • Baggage Delay or Loss - Provides a benefit when your baggage is lost, stolen, or arrives late. 
  • Medical Expense Coverage - This benefit covers your emergency medical expenses while you travel.  Many US health insurance plans exclude coverage outside the US,  including Traditional Medicare plans.  Your travel insurance would provide your protection.  All of our plans include coverage for COVID-19, accidental injury, or illness.
  • Medical Evacuation - The Medical Evacuation benefit provides assistance if you require medical care that is not available locally while you travel.  This benefit can cover your expenses to be transported to a medical facility that can help you, and assist you in returning home after the care is provided.  
  • Repatriation of Remains - No one wants to think about the risk they could die while travelling, but it's nice to know you have protection if it happens.Trip Insurance covers costs to return your body back home.
  • Other Benefits - Depending on the plan this can include:
    • Trip Delay
    • Missed Connections
    • Rental Car Coverage
    • Accidental Death
    • Emergency Travel Assistance with lost passport, prescription replacement, and more

How to Select the Best Plan for your Needs

There is a convenient tool to compare benefits of our different travel insurance plans here: Compare IMG iTravelInsured Trip Insurance Plans

On that page select all the plans listed under "For Trip Cancellation Coverage Plus Medical".  This will allow you to compare the benefits side by side for IMG iTravelInsured Trip Insurance plans - iTravelInsured Travel Lite, iTravelInsured Travel SE, iTravelInsured Travel LX.

After you've compared benefits you can get a price quote for each of the plans so you can compare pricing.  Compare Pricing for IMG iTravelInsured Trip Insurance Plans

Important Tips to Consider

Cancel For Any Reason Benefit - The only plan offering a "Cancel For Any Reason" benefit is the IMG iTravelInsured Travel LX plan.  It is offered as an optional benefit.  Without this benefit your trip cancellation coverage depends on the reason your trip is cancelled.  To be eligible for this benefit you must purchase the insurance within 20 days of your payment for your initial trip deposit.  You can review covered reasons in the plan brochures: Brochure iTravelInsured Travel Lite, Brochure iTravelInsured Travel SE, Brochure iTravelInsured Travel LX.  

Rental Car Coverage - The iTravelInsured Travel LX plan includes up to $40,000 of coverage for damage to a rental car.  The iTravelInsured Travel SE has an option to add rental car coverage, and the iTravelInsured Travel Lite excludes this coverage.

Plans differ by State - Trip Insurance plans are available to US residents.  The plan benefits may differ by resident state, and not all plans are available in all states.

Issue age up to 99 years old - iTravelInsured plans can be plans can be purchased by people up to 99 years old.

Maximum Trip Duration is 90 day

Covid-19 - Emergency Medical Benefits related to COVID-19 are covered by all of the plans so long as COVID-19 was not a pre-existing medical condition.  However, suppose you're concerned that your entry into your destination country will be denied because of changing COVID-19 travel restrictions?  To protect from this risk you would need the "Cancel for any Reason" benefit available in the iTravelInsured Travel LX plan.

Factors Impacting the cost of insurance - iTravelInsured Travel Insurance pricing differs based on the insured person's age, the length of time coverage is effective, trip costs, optional benefits selected, and residence state.

Need Help?

Sometimes Trip Insurance can be confusing.  If you would like help finding a plan to meet your needs, Contact Us