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Immigrant Visa Medical Insurance Requirements

Immigrant Visa Medical Insurance Requirements

Proof of Health Insurance for Immigrant Visa starting November 4, 2019


President Trump Executive Order

Effective Nov 4, 2019 individuals who have been issued most immigrant visas are required to have approved medical insurance within 30 days of the person’s entry into the United States. The executive order identifies nine different types of health insurance that qualify including visitor health insurance plans. Visitor health insurance plans like IMG travel medical plans (Visitors Care, Patriot America, Patriot America Plus, and Patriot America Platinum) are some of the least expensive plans that will meet the new government required coverage. The plans need to provide adequate coverage for medical care for a minimum of 364 days, or until a planned departure date from the US for an extended stay outside the US.

You can read the details of the executive order here:

For a listing of the impacted immigrant visa types see this listing:

Immigrant visa types are generally the first step towards a Green card or citizenship. Green Card holders are not included. They are considered permanent residents and subject to the Affordable Care Act mandate. Immigrant visas are issued to the spouses or other family members of US citizens or residents, employment-based immigrants, and religious workers.

Effective November 4, 2019, a prospective immigrant subject to the executive order needs to show a consular officer they meet the requirement before an immigrant visa can be issued. Currently no regulation has been offered by the Department of State defining what specific coverage will meet the requirement and the government may offer additional details in the coming months.

IMG Travel Medical Insurance for Immigrant Visas

These plans meet the definition of visitor health insurance plans in the executive order requiring medical coverage for immigrant visas.

You can compare plans here: Compare Travel Medical Plans

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