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Six Important Differences between Short Term Health Insurance and Obamacare

Six Important Differences between Short Term Health Insurance and Obamacare

Many people that select Short Term Health Insurance instead of Affordable Care Act Coverage make that Choice because of the Significant Premium Savings

1) Short Term Health Insurance is Less Expensive for Many People

This is the time of the year people start considering their healthcare options for 2020. What should you pick?

If you get a big subsidy on the healthcare exchange, that might be a good deal for you. If not, short term insurance may be a better option, and a lot less expensive than Obamacare without a subsidy.

Short Term Health Insurance is available to most US residents regardless of citizenship. However, it's important to note that UnitedHealthcare generally requires that you have been in the US for 12 months prior to coverage effective date. National General does not have that requirement.

Starting in 2019 there is NO TAX PENALTY. You can buy a Short Term Health Insurance Plan that is not Obamacare (ACA) Compliant and will NOT Pay a Tax Penalty.

2) Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Short Term Health Insurance Plans exclude coverage for Pre-existing medical conditions. ACA Health Insurance Plans cover pre-existing medical conditions. If you have an expensive pre-existing medical condition, an ACA compliant plan may be better for you. If you have a low cost pre-existing medical condition, then you may need to decide if the extra cost of the ACA compliant plan is better for you.

3) Preventive and Wellness care

Short Term Health Insurance generally excludes Preventive and Wellness care. Some Short Term Health Insurance plans will include preventive care. You need to read the plan details or ask an expert for advice so you understand the coverage.

ACA plans include preventive and wellness coverage.

4) How Comprehensive is the Coverage?

Short Term Health Insurance is comprehensive coverage, but not as comprehensive as Affordable Care Act compliant plans. ACA plans include "minimum essential benefits", and short term plans do not include all of these benefits.

5) Length of Coverage

Short Term Health Insurance is available for a maximum term of under one year (up to three years in some states). Different States allow different terms for the coverage. You can apply for a new plan if you need coverage for a longer time.

When you purchase an ACA plan, you remain eligible to keep that plan for the calendar year so long as you continue to pay your premium.

6) Choice of Effective Date of Coverage

Short Term Health Insurance is available for an effective date as early as the day after you apply. Any day of the year can be your effective date.

ACA plans are available only during open enrollment, or a special enrollment period. If you miss your open enrollment dates you will not be able to apply again until the next open enrollment period. Insurance coverage typically is effective January 1st after open enrollment.

Insurance choices for short time visitors and F / J / M visa holders are different. For visitors to the US including family visits, business and study in the United States with B visa, you are eligible to buy patriot travel insurance. International Students and Scholars and their families in the United States with F / J / M visa can buy Taian Student and Scholar insurance.

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