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  • About Us

  • Who is TaiAn Financial LLC, an IMG Endorsed Independent Chinese Sales Center!

  • International Medical Group (IMG) is a worldwide leader in the International medical insurance business, and TaiAn Financial LLC is an IMG Endorsed Independent Chinese Sales Center. As an IMG Endorsed Independent Chinese Sales Center, we can provide our customers professional, prompt service and make their insurance experience as easy as possible.
  • We have more than 27 years of health insurance experience serving the people in the Unites States and globally.
  • We specialize in service for international scholars, educators and students with both native Chinese speakers and native English speakers.
  • We are located in the United States and have extended work hours to serve our customers whenever they need us.
  • We have both English and Chinese local phone numbers in the US. We also have China local phone service, by calling this number our customers in China don't pay long distance charges. We communicate with our customers through WeChat as well.
  • We have a highly experienced IT team to keep our website up-to-date to make sure our customers get the most updated information. For example, we check our webpage Find your school F or J visa insurance requirements and most affordable plan here every week or whenever our customers tell us their school requirements changed. This webpage is very popular because it provides requirements for all schools for F and J visa, and identifies the insurance plan that is best for each schools international scholars and students.
  • We work with only the most financially secure insurers with top quality ratings from A.M. Best and Standard and Poor's.
  • Our website is accessible around the world, including mainland China.
  • Partnering with TaiAn Financial

    • Universities, Colleges, Institutes and other schools
    • If your school is sending students or teachers abroad, or has students or teachers visiting we would make a good partner.
    • Teachers
    • Whether you are traveling abroad with your students, have foreign students coming to the US to your class, or are sending US students abroad we have solutions for you.
    • Students
    • Help your peers find the insurance they need as they travel abroad for university or vacation.
    • Travel Agents
    • Pairing travel services with travel and health insurance can be mutually beneficial.
    • Organizations
    • We work with representatives of International organizations, student or scholar organizations, and travel clubs to help your membership with their travel insurance needs.
  • Contact us:

  • Call from US - 8:00AM to 8:00PM Eastern time: +1 (317)318-8258 (Chinese), +1 (317)318-8259 (English)
  • Call from China: 950-4044-2336 (Chinese, Beijing time 8:00pm-12:00am, no long distance charges)
  • WeChat ID: TaiAn-USA
  • Business Address: D200 301 E Carmel Drive - Carmel, IN 46032 - USA
  • Email:,