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Should You Buy Visitors Insurance When Your Parents Visit?

Should You Buy Visitors Insurance When Your Parents Visit?

It is great that your parents are visiting!! They will get to see everything that you have accomplished in the United States. Your parents would do anything in the entire world to see you succeed and will be so proud to see that you are well on your way! Your parents would do anything for you; now it is your time to protect them. Traveling in another country carries some degree of risk; your parents are getting older, and Medical emergencies happen. Protect your family from the financial and emotional burden of not have medical coverage.

Do I really need Visitors Insurance for my Parents?

Still yes! If your parents have medical coverage in their home country, that is not going to be enough. Most health insurance does not cover the costs of medical procedures outside of their country. This could mean thousands of dollars of medical bills and no way to comfortably pay them. There is no way around this - your parents are not your dependents. They are not eligible for any of your policy coverage. Buying appropriate coverage is very important for the health of your aging parents.

What should I look for in a Visitors insurance policy?

Your parents likely have very limited understanding of the United States Insurance and Health Care system. This will probably leave you as the person buying the policy. Here are some tips.

High Coverage Limits

It is recommended to find a policy with at least $100,000 dollars in coverage. This will ensure that your family has the coverage that you need in case of an emergency. Make sure to look closely at the maximum as some policies are contingent on the age of the insured.

Separate Policies

Have a separate policy for each parent. This gives you a level of flexibility. For example, if you need a policy that covers sudden onset of pre-existing conditions for your mother but your father has never been sick in his life you can buy what each parent needs. Additionally, if one parent is returning home early, you have the flexibility to select different expiration dates.

Comprehensive Coverage

Your policy should cover the cost associated with hospitalization. Make sure you will be covered for room and board in a regular hospital room as well as the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). You also must ensure emergency room visits are covered.

Some policies will cover "URC". This is the usual reasonable and customary price for the services you receive. Some specify a maximum for a service that is far below the usual cost. This makes a big difference if you have a claim. A policy that specifies you will only receive $35 of reimbursement for a doctor visit won't help much when you have a $250 medical bill for the doctor visit. Make sure you understand what your policy will cover. Ask an expert to explain the benefits before you buy!

How to Pick Visitors Insurance that Meets Your Needs?

The experts at TaiAn are always available to help guide you: Contact TaiAn

Here are some tips on selecting visitors insurance coverage.

Our most popular plan meeting many visitors needs is Patriot Travel Medical

If you are under 70 years old and need coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions you should consider Patriot America Plus

If you are over 70 or want higher levels of benefits consider Patriot Platinum

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