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Visitor Visa B1 or B2 Visitor Medical Insurance

Visitor Visa B1 or B2 Visitor Medical Insurance

Emergency Health Insurance for B visa holders

Visitor medical insurance is designed for people who are traveling away from their home country. This includes when you travel for a business trip, take a vacation or your when your parents are visiting from abroad. If you or someone you know just received your B visa then visitor medical insurance might be right for you. No matter the situation, remember that things can go wrong at any time no matter the situation.

Most insurance plans do not cover you if you are abroad – visitor medical insurance does!

What is Visitor Medical Insurance?

The focus of visitor medical insurance is the emergency services. If you are away from home and you or the person insured has a medical emergency, you will not be stuck with unreasonable bills to pay.

Visitor medical policies cover medical evacuations in the instance that you need to be transported via airlift to a medical care facility quickly. This insurance covers you if you require emergency dental treatment. All policies have different benefits, be sure to pick a policy that fits your needs and your budget.

Most people are worried that they could have an accident and end out in the emergency room while they travel. In the US that could costs thousands of dollars.

How to Pick Visitor Medical Insurance that Meets Your Needs?

The experts at TaiAn are always available to help guide you: or by phone at 317-318-8259.

Here are some tips on selecting visitor medical insurance coverage. All of these plans are good for people traveling to the US on a visitor's visa (B visa), or for anyone traveling outside the US and outside their resident country.

Our most popular plan meeting many visitors needs is Patriot Travel Medical

If you are under 70 years old and need coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions you should consider Patriot America Plus

If you are over 70 or want higher levels of benefits consider Patriot Platinum

To compare benefits in different plans you can look at these resources:

Travel Medical Plans for Visitors

Insurance Plans for Visitors

Who Buys Visitors Medical Insurance?

Frequently visitors medical insurance is purchased for parents visiting the US. Their adult kids are the most common buyer. There's a good reason. When your parents come here to visit they have no idea how expensive health care is. They spent their whole lives caring for you, and now it's your turn to care care of them.

For help choosing the best Travel Medical Insurance for your needs, check out our visitor's insurance page or give one of our trained insurance experts a call, we are standing by waiting to help you!

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