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Exciting Improvements for IMG Patriot Exchange Program

Exciting Improvements for IMG Patriot Exchange Program

Summary of Product Enhancements June 2018

The new IMG Patriot Exchange Program has improved deductible options and enhanced benefits. Also, daily rates are now available in addition to monthly, so there's no need to pay for coverage dates beyond your travel dates.

New Deductible Options

The new Patriot Exchange Program has 4 deductible options. There is still a $100 per illness deductible available. The three new options are $0 deductible, $250 per illness deductible, or $500 per illness deductible. Many people have asked about buying a plan where they pay their premium and then if they have a claim for a covered expense they have no more out of pocket cost. The new $0 deductible plan was designed to meet this demand.

The Patriot Exchange Program has no coinsurance, and now we've added an option with no deductible! So, routine covered medical expenses are covered with no out of pocket costs after the premium has been paid.

Daily Rates

In the past only full months of coverage were available to purchase for the Patriot Exchange Program. That meant if your travel dates led to needing 3 months and 10 days of coverage, the premium cost was for 4 months of coverage. Now there are daily rates available. Just enter your actual travel dates and pay only for the coverage dates you need.

Enhanced Benefits

Eligibility based on residence and destination not citizenship

The Patriot Exchange Program eligibility and pricing is now based on country of residence and country of destination not citizenship.

Who should pick Patriot Exchange Program over TaiAn Patriot Exchange?

For non US citizens traveling to the US, TaiAn Patriot Exchange is less expensive and for most people a better choice.

For people with a non-US destination, Patriot Exchange Program is less expensive and a better choice for most people.

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