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  1. Why Should I buy IMG insurance through TaiAn?

    International Medical Group (IMG) is a worldwide leader in the International medical insurance business, and TaiAn Financial LLC is leading producer for IMG. TaiAn's custom product offering and extended service hours enable us provide our customers industry leading, professional, prompt service and make their insurance experience as easy as possible.

  2. Who is eligible for Patriot Travel Insurance? What is the advantage of the plan?

    Patriot Travel Medical Insurance is designed for anyone traveling out of their residence country. Cost starts at about $1/day. Purchase from 5 days to 1 year, and renewable up to 2 years.

  3. How do I buy Patriot Travel Medical Insurance and how long will it take to receive the fulfillment?

    Buy Travel Insurance online and receive the fulfillment instantly. Purchase steps are as follows:

    • Click on the link: Patriot Travel
    • Read Patriot America benefits chart and brochure
    • Click on Buy Patriot Travel Medical Insurance
    • According to your needs, select a deductible and benefit maximum.
    • Payment is on the last page of application. You can use a credit card or a debit card which has a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo to pay. Billing Address is the address you used when you applied for your credit card. IMG will not bill to your billing address.
    • After you submit an application online successfully, you will receive an Email from IMG in a few minutes (If you do not receive it, please check your spam), which contains your insurance card and your confirmation letter (Visa Letter). The confirmation letter can be used as proof of insurance.
  4. How do I buy Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance to get 10% off?

    Patriot America Group plan is available for groups of 5 or more primary applicants (any visa types).

    • Click on the link: Patriot Travel
    • Read Patriot America chart and brochure. Click on purchase link Buy Group 10% off , Group for 5 or More
    • The total length of group duration cannot be more than a year, you can renew before the plan is expired if you are still eligible. The primary applicants in the group may have different insurance dates. No one can have an expiration date beyond one year from the group start date until the group renews for a second year.
    • According to your group needs, select a deductible and benefit maximum.
    • Payment is on the last page of application. You have to use one credit card (or debit card which has a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo) to pay for the whole group. Please use the credit card holder's name or school name as the "Sponsoring Organization". Use the credit card holders name as the "Contact Name". Use the credit card holder's email as the group contact for the plan. Billing Address is the address you used when you applied for your credit card. IMG will not bill to your billing address.
  5. How do I make the payment? What do I do if the payment gets declined?

    You will have an instant quote online and can pay with your credit card or debit card which has a Visa, MasterCard or American Express logo
    Some common reasons for a declined payment are:

    • Your credit limit
    • Some banks need to be notified in advance when you make a credit card charge outside your home country. You may need to call the number on the back of your card to tell them this is a genuine charge.
    • Inaccurate billing address. When IMG asks for billing address, you need to fill in the address that your credit card bill is sent. This will not impact where your insurance material are sent, but is needed to verify your card.
    • On the payment page, the electronic signature should be the same as the name on the credit card.
    • If your card is declined you can submit a new on line application after fixing the problem.

  6. How do I renew?

    If you have an individual policy, you will receive a few renewal Email notices. The notices have the same renew link. Click the renew link, enter your information, and pay with a credit card. You can finish the renewal online easily. You can change your phone number, Email address, mailing address and credit card during your renewal. If you have a group policy, you will receive a renew notice before the policy expires. The notice will tell you how to write an Email to IMG to renew.

  7. How do I get medical treatment when I get sick?

    In the US - Patriot America customers can go to any provider, but will receive more benefits in-PPO. In-PPO, after the deductible, there is no coinsurance. Out-PPO; after deductible, your co-insurance expense is 20% up to $1000. Then the plan pays 100% of eligible charges. If you need to go to a doctor in the United States, you need an appointment. For your own benefit, usually try to go to IMG's designated provider (doctor, hospital or urgent care center). (For people who purchased before May 1, 2019) You can search First Health Network to find a medical provider. (For people who purchased on or after May 1, 2019) You can search UnitedHealthcare Network to find a medical provider.When you see a doctor, carry your insurance card and personal ID (to verify your identity). In the United States if you do not have an appointment and go directly to the hospital, you go to the Emergency Room. If you go to the Emergency room for an illness and are not admitted to the hospital you have to pay a $250 additional deductible. In a real emergency situation (that is life-threatening or disabling), go to the nearest Emergency Room. When you need urgent care and it is not an emergency, an Urgent Care center may be a good choice. They usually have evening and weekend hours and no appointment is necessary.

    Outside of US - You can go to any medical provider and have no coinsurance.

  8. Do I need to pre-certify before going to see a doctor?

    You must call IMG to pre-certify any of the following conditions: any treatment requiring hospitalization; out-patient surgery, CAT scans, MRI's; within 48 hours after an emergency admission to the hospital; care in an extended care facility; home nursing care; Durable medical equipment including artificial limbs; or transplant. You don't need to pre-certify if your illness or injury is not serious and can be treated in a doctor's office. See details at Pre-certification

  9. How do I submit a claim?

    There are two ways to file a claim in the IMG system. One is that the medical provider directly bills IMG, the other is that the medical provider sends the bill to you and you submit the bill and your completed claims form to IMG. For both situations you always need to submit a claim form to IMG. You can create a MyIMG account after submitting the claim form, and then you can check whether IMG has received the medical provider bills and the claim status. You also can call IMG about your claims questions (1-800-628-4664 or 317-655-4500). Please have your insurance ID card ready when you call. If you prefer to speak to IMG in a language other than English, you can ask for foreign language assistance, and tell them your preferred language.

  10. What is the coinsurance for Patriot America plan?

    Patriot customers can go to any provider, but will receive more benefits in-PPO in the US. In-PPO, after the deductible there is no coinsurance. Out of the PPO, after the deductible you pay co-insurance of 20% up to $1000. Then the plan pays 100% of eligible charges. Outside the US there is no coinsurance.

  11. How much can I get reimbursed for prescription medicine?

    If the illness or injury is covered, the prescription medicine will be covered and subject to deductible and coinsurance like an out of network claim until the maximum that you bought is met. When you need to fill a prescription you go to the preferred pharmacy with the prescription you received from the doctor. Make sure to bring the Universal URX Discount Card with you. You will have to pay for your prescription at the pharmacy but may receive a 10% to 50% discount with the card. You can then submit your receipts and a claim form to IMG for reimbursement.

  12. Does the plan cover child physical exams and vaccines?

    No, it doesn't. In the U.S., insurance that covers child physical exams and vaccines normally cost more than $200-$300 per month. Contact us for ways to get inexpensive, and sometimes free, vaccines or immunizations, as well as child physical exams.

  13. Does the plan cover dental and vision?

    For dental the plan covers injuries up to the benefit level purchased after deductible, and treatment for sudden pain up to $300. For vision the plan covers illness (like an eye infection) or injuries. Routine dental cleanings or vision exams and glasses are not covered. If you are looking for coverage for routine dental or vision exams, or if you already know you need dental work or glasses you should consider supplementing the medical plan with a Careington Dental and Vision Discount Plan. This plan provides discounts on dental and vision treatments, and there are no waiting periods before you can get a discount. You can buy today and get a discount on your dental cleaning, periodontics, major dental procedures, vision exams, or glasses as soon as you receive your membership kit. You can pay monthly and cancel anytime. You can search the network for providers around you and learn more about the discount details before purchase. For more information and to purchase click on: Careington Dental/Vision Discount Plan