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爱国者交换计划 (Patriot Exchange Program, PEP)


IMG爱国者交换计划是为国际学生和访问学者设计的。国际学生和访问学者持各种美国签证 (F1签证、J1签证、OPT、M1签证以及他们的家属) 前往美国进行交流。PEP计划也为到美国境外的国际教育交流提供保险,任何人在其长居国境外的学习或教学都有资格购买。在线随时购买,选择任何未来日期作为保险的生效日期。该计划有几种最高赔付和免赔额的选择。所有的J签证持有者都需要在签证期间持有满足美国国务院 (USDOS) J签证要求的保险。爱国者交换计划每次生病受伤$100,000最高赔付和四个免赔额选项都满足国务院的要求。

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个人(家庭) 报价/购买 团体 报价/购买
保险提供商 IMG (International Medical Group)
医疗网络 在美国境内可以选择使用美国最好的医疗网络 UnitedHealthcare,该网络提供直接结算、简化理赔程序。
计划类型 计划专为F1/F2、J1/J2、M1/M2和OPT学生学者而设计。按整月或天数购买,首次购买1个月以上者可以续保至4年。
最高赔付 $5,000,000 终身最高赔付。 可选$50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000每次生病最高赔付
免赔额(保险赔付前的自付部分) 自选:每次疾病或受伤 $0, $100, $250, or $500
学校医务室挂号费 $5 挂号费, $0 免赔额
生病受伤共同保险 无个人赔付比例, 没有网络内外之分
产科共同保险 N/A (不包括)
住院 保证普通病房费用
重症监护 URC(通常合理的惯例的费用)
心理健康和药物滥用 住院最高$10,000;门诊每天$50最高$500
急诊室 受伤急诊或住院的生病急诊: URC;未住院的生病急诊: $250附加免赔额
处方药 URC
意外牙科 受伤 $500, 突痛 $350
意外伤残或死亡 $25,000
紧急救援 $50,000
身故遗体送返 $25,000
先前的疾病(生病或受伤) 免责期12个月
团体价格 五个或以上主申请人团体优惠10%。有时有些团体寻求增加成员,咨询泰安了解详情
福利详情 Benefit Details
合同样本 保险合同样本

Sample Price Chart Coverage Including US - Monthly Premium Rate

$0 免赔额, 0%个人赔付比例

年龄 $100,000 每次生病最高赔付 $250,000 每次生病最高赔付
< 25 $70.80 $75.60
25-49 $92.40 $99.60
50-64 $198.00 $212.40

$100 每次生病免赔额, 0%个人赔付比例

年龄 $100,000 每次生病最高赔付 $250,000 每次生病最高赔付
< 25 $59.00 $63.00
25-49 $77.00 $83.00
50-64 $165.00 $177.00

Sample Price Chart Coverage Outside US Only - Monthly Premium Rate

$0 免赔额, 0%个人赔付比例

年龄 $100,000 每次生病最高赔付 $250,000 每次生病最高赔付
< 25 $50.40 $54.00
25-49 $58.80 $62.40
50-64 $140.40 $162.00

$100 每次生病免赔额, 0%个人赔付比例

年龄 $100,000 每次生病最高赔付 $250,000 每次生病最高赔付
< 25 $42.00 $45.00
25-49 $49.00 $52.00
50-64 $117.00 $135.00

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个人(家庭) 报价/购买 团体 报价/购买

Plan More on Patriot Exchange Program
Plan Highlights
  • Patriot Exchange Program with $100,000 benefit per illness/injury or higher meets the US Dept of State standards for Exchange visitors (J visa) which are: At least $100,000 per illness, repatriation of remains of $25,000, Medical evacuation benefits of $50,000, and a deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.
  • J1/F1 visa holder and their J2/F2 dependents can buy IMG Patriot Exchange Program. If the J2/F2 dependents join the J1/F1 later, they can purchase alone for different dates.
  • You can select the day after you submit application or any later date as your insurance effective date. The insurance can only be effective after you arrive in the foreign country for your exchange program.
  • Group Plan available for groups of 5 or more unrelated individuals (non-family members). Must use one credit card to pay for the whole group.
  • Other available options include: travel protection for baggage and valuables, legal assistance, personal liability coverage, adventure sports coverage
  • Preventive care including well physical exams and vaccines are not covered. Plans covering wellness benefits typically cost $200-$300 or more per month. Ask us about inexpensive and sometimes free ways to receive these services.
  • To maximize your benefits under your plan hospital stays should be precertified if planned in advance. IMG should be notified promptly for emergency hospital stays.
  • If you have a destination outside the US you are eligible to purchase at a lower premium cost.
  • IMG Patriot Exchange Program includes benefits for mental nervous, and substance abuse up to $10,000 for an inpatient stay, and up to $500 outpatient.
  • The plan includes a bedside visit benefit for a family member to be with the insured when they are in the intensive care unit up to $1,500.
  • There is a $20 walk in clinic copay (instead of the deductible - only for deductibles $100 or higher).
  • There is a $50 urgent care copay (instead of the deductible - only for deductibles $100 or higher).
  • If you are a non-US citizen and traveling to the US, and don't need the mental nervous benefit or the bedside visit benefit, you should consider TaiAn Patriot Exchange to save some premium costs: TaiAn Patriot Exchange
$50,000 Benefit Level
  • The $50,000 benefit level does not meet J visa requirements. If you don't need to meet J visa requirements and want to purchase the $50,000 benefit level use these purchase links.
Buy Patriot Exchange Program with $50,000 maximum
Buy Group Patriot Exchange Program with $50,000 maximum, For 5 primary insured or more
Full Brochure IMG Patriot Exchange Program Full Brochure
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