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Patriot America Plus Travel Medical Insurance is designed for non-US residents traveling out of their country of residence to destinations including the US, regardless of visa type. Cost starts at about $1/day. Purchase 5 days - 1 year, and renewable up to 2 years if 1 month or more is purchased initially. After submitting an application online successfully, you will receive an Email in a few minutes which contains your insurance ID card and your confirmation letter (Visa Letter). You can use the confirmation letter as proof of your insurance.

Patriot America Plus has more benefits than Patriot America because coverage includes medical expenses for acute onset of pre-existing conditions prior to age 70. Acute onset pre-ex is covered up to the selected benefit limit.

个人(家庭) 报价/购买 团体 报价/购买
保险提供商 IMG (International Medical Group)
计划类型 爱国者美国医疗加强险适用于任何非美国居民在其长居国境外旅行使用(包括旅游美国)。
最高赔付 $50,000, $100,000, $500,000
免赔额(保险赔付前的自付部分) $0, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500
生病受伤共同保险 美国境外共同保险无个人赔付比例。
美国境内 In PPO 无个人赔付比例。
美国境内 Out of PPO 个人赔付比例20% 直到$5,000,然后个人赔付比例为0%。
住院 普通病房费用,至最高赔付限额
重症监护 至最高赔付限额
外科手术 至最高赔付限额
入院前检查 至最高赔付限额
门诊 至最高赔付限额
门诊手术 至最高赔付限额
X射线诊断和实验室测试 至最高赔付限额
麻醉 至最高赔付限额
救护车 受伤急诊或住院的生病急诊赔付至最高赔付限额,否则不赔付。
急诊室 受伤急诊或住院的生病急诊: URC;未住院的生病急诊: $250附加免赔额
处方药 至最高赔付限额
意外牙科 至最高赔付限额
意外伤残或死亡 赔付金至$25,000
紧急救援 $1,000,000
身故遗体送返 $50,000
先前的疾病(生病或受伤) Acute Onset of pre-existing conditions
Up to age 70 - up to the maximum.
团体价格 五个或以上主申请人团体优惠10%
更多信息 Personal Liability coverage included (Injury to another or damage to others property) - $10,000 maximum subject to $100 deductible
Trip Interruption benefit included - $5,000 maximum
Lost Luggage benefit included - $50 per item, $250 maximum
Universal Rx pharmacy discount savings
Available in daily and monthly rates
Renewable up to 24 months if 1 month or more is purchased
To maximize your benefits under your plan hospital stays should be precertified if planned in advance. IMG should be notified promptly for emergency hospital stays.
Medical Evacuation for Acute onset of pre-existing condition covered up to $25,000.
福利详情 Benefit Details
$50,000 Benefit, $250 Deductible
Age Patriot America
Monthly Premium
under 30 $42
30-39 $55
40-49 $82
50-59 $120
60-64 $152
65-69 $173
70-79 $235
80+* $407
child $38

* $10,000 max for 80+ age
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合同样本 保险合同样本

个人(家庭) 报价/购买 团体 报价/购买

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